Friday, January 27, 2012


This weekend the girlfriend and I were looking to hit up East Side Austin for some brunch. We also had plans to catch up with our friend and fellow dog-centric business owner, Kristen. We decided on Takoba. This was our third time visiting Takoba, but our first for brunch. 

1610 E. 7th St., Austin, TX
We arrived at 1:00 and were quickly seated indoors. The place was packed, but there was no wait - always a good thing! We ordered our drinks and perused the menu while we waited for Kristen to arrive. She did and after a few minutes we were all ready to order. I decided on the chilaquiles, scrambled eggs with fried tortilla chips tossed with onions and red chile sauce, topped with queso fresco. All that with a side of potatoes and refried beans. The girlfriend decided to go with her all time favorite, Migas. Scrambled eggs with fried tortilla chips tossed with onions and monterey jack cheese. Also served with a side of potatoes and refried beans. Similar to the chilaquiles, sans the red chile sauce. Kristen was a little more adventurous, and decided to go with the Barria De Borrego Estilo Aguascaliente. Which was braised lamb with lime, cilantro, and onion. This was served with warm tortillas and a side of consomme. We caught up and talked dog business while we waited for our food to arrive. 

Birria De Borrego Estillo Aguascalientes

Our food was soon served and everything looked appealing to the eye. But would we be disappointed with the taste? I tried my chilaquiles and they were pretty good. Definitely not the best I've had, but pretty damn good. The red chile sauce was great, not to hot, but rich in flavor. My girlfriend's migas were pretty good, but she said she'd rather have my chilaquiles, go figure. Kristen's plate looked good, the girlfriend and I aren't fans of lamb, but we had to try it out. Not too bad! But i'm just not into anything that tastes to gamey.

To sum it all up, we all enjoyed our food and the service was good. I do have to say in my opinion I think their dinner is much better than their brunch. But it is definitely worth trying at least once.

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