Friday, January 27, 2012


This weekend the girlfriend and I were looking to hit up East Side Austin for some brunch. We also had plans to catch up with our friend and fellow dog-centric business owner, Kristen. We decided on Takoba. This was our third time visiting Takoba, but our first for brunch. 

1610 E. 7th St., Austin, TX
We arrived at 1:00 and were quickly seated indoors. The place was packed, but there was no wait - always a good thing! We ordered our drinks and perused the menu while we waited for Kristen to arrive. She did and after a few minutes we were all ready to order. I decided on the chilaquiles, scrambled eggs with fried tortilla chips tossed with onions and red chile sauce, topped with queso fresco. All that with a side of potatoes and refried beans. The girlfriend decided to go with her all time favorite, Migas. Scrambled eggs with fried tortilla chips tossed with onions and monterey jack cheese. Also served with a side of potatoes and refried beans. Similar to the chilaquiles, sans the red chile sauce. Kristen was a little more adventurous, and decided to go with the Barria De Borrego Estilo Aguascaliente. Which was braised lamb with lime, cilantro, and onion. This was served with warm tortillas and a side of consomme. We caught up and talked dog business while we waited for our food to arrive. 

Birria De Borrego Estillo Aguascalientes

Our food was soon served and everything looked appealing to the eye. But would we be disappointed with the taste? I tried my chilaquiles and they were pretty good. Definitely not the best I've had, but pretty damn good. The red chile sauce was great, not to hot, but rich in flavor. My girlfriend's migas were pretty good, but she said she'd rather have my chilaquiles, go figure. Kristen's plate looked good, the girlfriend and I aren't fans of lamb, but we had to try it out. Not too bad! But i'm just not into anything that tastes to gamey.

To sum it all up, we all enjoyed our food and the service was good. I do have to say in my opinion I think their dinner is much better than their brunch. But it is definitely worth trying at least once.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Chez Zee

Let me begin by saying Chez Zee is ALWAYS packed. But don't get me wrong...this is a good thing. My girlfriend suggested I call and make a reservation. Excellent idea! This would be our third visit for brunch. I am always impressed with the quality of their food and service.

5406 Balcones Dr, Austin, TX.
Photo: Chez Zee

We arrived and the spot was packed as usual. No problem....Ahem, out of my way folks, I have a reservation!  And just like that, we were seated. Our waitress quickly took our drink order and brought over some delicious croissants and fresh strawberry butter. After scanning the menu for a few minutes we were ready to order. I was in omelette mode and decided on the Smoked Chicken, which is served with a side of their delicious country potatoes. My girlfriend decided to go with the Belgian Waffle Platter, served with two eggs, country potatoes, and your choice of fruit, sausage, ham, or bacon. She chose bacon. Yum! While waiting for our order to arrive, we soaked in the environment. The restaurant looks like an old house and the decor and lighting is amazing. It gives the vibe a very romantic feel. I would definitely suggest this place for a first lunch or dinner date. Or maybe a coffee and dessert get-to-know-you type of deal. But hey, I'm only The Brunching Bloke, not a relationship I'll leave that for someone else and stick to writing about food.

Smoked Chicken Omelette

Belgian Waffle Platter

Our waitress was great and kept our drinks filled. And our food arrived in no time. My omelette looked great. Filled with flavorful smoked chicken, bell peppers, red onions and plenty of Monterey jack cheese. It was truly amazing, and with the side of country potatoes sprinkled with some tobasco sauce, I was eating like a champ. My girl's plate looked super excellent as well. I had a bite of her bacon and I was in hog heaven. Nice and crisp like it should be. After our meal, we both ate her waffle, and that was a perfect ending to a delicious brunch!

Overall, I have to say that Chez Zee offers an excellent brunch. The only advice I can give you is to make a reservation. Don't be left out in the cold like the folks I passed by on my way to my table. Keep on Brunching!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Galaxy Cafe

This week we hit Galaxy Cafe (The Triangle location). This was my second visit, but my first at this location. I honestly couldn't remember my first experience, so I was really looking forward to trying it out again.

47th At Guadalupe, Austin
We entered the spot and there was a line to the counter that almost reached the door. Even though this was annoying, I realized this was a really good sign. Long line=good food! We pulled our menus off the wall and waited for our turn to place an order and find a seat. The line moved along pretty smooth, and soon we were at the counter. Everything on the breakfast menu looked great! My girlfriend decided on The Big Breakfast, which is two eggs, two strips of bacon, two sausage patties, skillet potatoes, and served with your choice of toasted ciabatta, wheat or half bagel. I was feeling like a wrap, so I decided on the Garden Wrap, which was filled with scrambled eggs, baby spinach, roasted bell peppers, jack cheese, and avocado. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was starving and hoping for some good food.

The Big Breakfast
Our plates arrived and it was time to grub! My girlfriend's plate looked awesome. The eggs were nice and fluffy and the bacon was nice and crisp, and you can't go wrong with a side of sausage. My wrap was great as well, and they didn't go light on the ingredients either. It was full of egg, veggies, and cheese just like the menu stated. I was even surprised when I tried their salsa! Being Hispanic, I am always disappointed with the stuff some places try to pass off as "salsa". We were definitely happy campers!  

Garden Wrap
Overall, it was a great brunch! I would definitely recommend Galaxy Cafe, and look forward to returning to try the rest of their menu. 
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