Friday, January 13, 2012

Galaxy Cafe

This week we hit Galaxy Cafe (The Triangle location). This was my second visit, but my first at this location. I honestly couldn't remember my first experience, so I was really looking forward to trying it out again.

47th At Guadalupe, Austin
We entered the spot and there was a line to the counter that almost reached the door. Even though this was annoying, I realized this was a really good sign. Long line=good food! We pulled our menus off the wall and waited for our turn to place an order and find a seat. The line moved along pretty smooth, and soon we were at the counter. Everything on the breakfast menu looked great! My girlfriend decided on The Big Breakfast, which is two eggs, two strips of bacon, two sausage patties, skillet potatoes, and served with your choice of toasted ciabatta, wheat or half bagel. I was feeling like a wrap, so I decided on the Garden Wrap, which was filled with scrambled eggs, baby spinach, roasted bell peppers, jack cheese, and avocado. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was starving and hoping for some good food.

The Big Breakfast
Our plates arrived and it was time to grub! My girlfriend's plate looked awesome. The eggs were nice and fluffy and the bacon was nice and crisp, and you can't go wrong with a side of sausage. My wrap was great as well, and they didn't go light on the ingredients either. It was full of egg, veggies, and cheese just like the menu stated. I was even surprised when I tried their salsa! Being Hispanic, I am always disappointed with the stuff some places try to pass off as "salsa". We were definitely happy campers!  

Garden Wrap
Overall, it was a great brunch! I would definitely recommend Galaxy Cafe, and look forward to returning to try the rest of their menu. 

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