Sunday, October 30, 2011


900 West 10th Street, Austin
So today the girlfriend and I decided to hit up a fairly new spot named Bacon. Being a fan of bacon (and pork in general) it sounded like a plan. However, today I had something else in mind - chicken and waffles!

Chicken and waffles is an all time fave of mine, and I still find it a little irritating that this tasty combo can only be found in a handful of menus in town. So once I heard that it was an item on their menu, I planned to make this spot my weekly brunch trek.

Bacon has a simple, yet diverse menu ranging from breakfast plates to burgers and sandwiches, all bacon infused or inspired. And for all you late risers, they serve breakfast all day. But back to the lecture at hand....CHICKEN and WAFFLES! Bacon does an awesome job! They serve you two plump buttermilk battered ckicken cutlets on top of a tasty waffle. Add the seasoned butter and syrup and you are good to go! I've tried this dish at every other place in town that has it available, and I think it's safe to say while it's not #1 on my list, it is one of my top three.
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Hey guys, do you know of an awesome brunch spot I should check out in Austin? Let me know here or write on my Facebook wall. Thanks!

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