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Hey foodies, I've been crazy busy getting my video production company off the ground, so please excuse my absence. But I'm back with a hungry stomach and a new review: TenOak. I've been hearing nothing but great stuff about this spot so we decided to drop by this past Sunday. Let me tell ya....we weren't dissapointed!

TenOak, 409 Colorado, Austin
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TenOak is located downtown, right off Colorado and 4th Street. I usually hate downtown places due to the parking situation, but luckily we found a spot right away. TenOak is a nice spot, you can sit outdoors in the open patio or you can walk in and find yourself a table or booth. We were dressed in our Sunday best having come straight from church, so decided to sit indoors to avoid a sweat fest. We sat in a booth and began to play with the computer screen on our table. You can see the menu, log online, play games....pretty cool! For Sunday brunch, TenOak offers $1 mimosas and a full bloody mary bar. Yesss! Lisa had a mimosa and
I went with a bloody mary. After browsing the menu, I decided to go with one of my all time brunch favorites...steak and eggs. I have my eggs scrambles with cheese and the dish is served with a side of potatoes. Lisa went with the build-your-own waffle. You can choose you own topping....she did strawberry. We waited for our meals and I hit up the fully stocked bloody mary bar. It was pretty awesome...olives, peppers, hot sauces! One of the best I've seen.

Soon our food arrived and we were ready to chow down. My plate looked delicious. The steak was cooked and seasoned perfect and my eggs were moist and cheesy...just how I like them. The potatoes were excellent as well. Lisa's waffle was really good as well. The batter had a great flavor and consistency and the strawberries added a nice touch.

Overall, our experience at TenOak was a good one. The only complaint I had was it was kinda hot, even indoors since the doors are open. But that's the Texas heat, not the restaurants fault.

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