Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kerbey Lane Northwest

This past weekend we decided to stay in the North part of town. SXSW was finally over but I figured all the hipsters and their girlfriends would still be up early for some brunch in the downtown area....didn't want to get into all that mess of coolness! We settled on Kerbey Lane Northwest. Just off 183 and Anderson Mill.

Kerbey Lane, 13435 Hwy 183, Ste 415, Austin
We arrived and were surprised to see a long wait outside. An hour wait we were told! Go figure. We decided to stay since it would probably be the same anywhere we went. After 30 minutes we were seated and looking through the menu. I have to say I really dig Kerbey Lane. They are always consistent, and the food and service is always on point. And you can get breakfast 24/7 that is better than any pancake house chain you can think of. Anyhow, after deliberating I decided on The California Omelet. Filled with avocado, tomatoes, olives, and cheddar jack cheese, then it is topped with green chili and sour cream sauce. Lisa decided to go with The Eggs Francisco, and english muffin topped with scrambled eggs, tomato, avocado, and queso. Usually it has bacon but she substituted that with soysage. Both of these plates are served with your choice of whole wheat, sour dough, or texas toast, english muffin, homefries, black beans, or mexican rice. You can also sub a few other things for an additional charge. We were both craving something on the sweet side, so we decided to order a single pancake, and decided on the pancake of the day - the chocolate chip pecan! We sat and waited for our order while we daydreamed about what we were about to enjoy.

Eggs Francisco
After a short wait our food was on our table. Just like I mentioned above, the food was on point! Everything was prepared well and made just as we ordered. My omelet was plump and filled with plenty of veggies and the homefries were amazing! Lisa's Eggs Francisco were also great. We sat there and enjoyed out meals with smiles on our face.
The California Omelet
Overall, our bruch experience was great! Kerbey Lane is always good and consistent. visit one of their five locations. You won't be disappointed.

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