Monday, December 5, 2011

Blue Oak Grill

2500 Hoppe Trail, Round Rock

This weeked I decided to visit Round Rock to see what kind of brunch spot I could find. Up until now, I pretty much stayed in the Austin area, so I decided it was time to leave my brunching comfort zone. I settled on a spot I'd read about and driven past a few times:  Blue Oak Grill.

My girlfriend and I arrived at The Blue Oak Grill at around 12:30 Sunday afternoon, and immediately sensed trouble. The parking lot was pretty much empty! I figured the rain and cold weather was keeping people indoors, so we decided to stay. I should've followed my gut instinct. We were seated and our waiter quickly took our drink orders and brought out a plate of honey cornbread. Yum! They were nice and warm and topped with honey, I figured we were about to have an excellent brunch. I was wrong. The brunch menu was small, but had a few things that looked good. My girlfriend and I both decided on a plate called The Cowboy Up. It consisted of crumbled sausage and bacon grilled with onions, bell peppers and mushrooms, topped with three fried eggs and cheese with a side of hashbrowns. We waited and filled up on more honey cornbread.

Honey Cornbread

The Cowboy Up

Our plates arrived and we realized our plates were missing cheese. My girlfriend and I were sure the menu said WITH CHEESE, but weren't positive as our menus were no longer on the table. When our waiter came around to check on us, we asked and he replied "No, but I can get you all some". Then he came back with two tiny caps of cheese. We asked for more. Then just for our own peace of mind logged on to our phones to double check the menu. The Cowboy Up did indeed come with cheese. We didn't mention it, but big points off for not getting the order right and for the waiter not knowing the menu. The food, was decent, but nothing to get excited about. We both agreed that this was a dish we could have ordered at Denny's or IHop for half the price.

Overall, a pretty dissapointing brunch experiece. I will definitely not be returning, and next time I will definitely follow my gut.

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